AMI Retrofit - Rear Mounting Cover

4L08632694PK Product Image
Part Number: 4L08632694PK
Supersession(s): 4L0-863-269-4P-K; 4L0-863-269-4PK

AMI Retrofit - Rear Mounting Cover

Bullets: Mounting 4L0-864-981-E -6PS| Mounting Cover 4L0-864-515-A -6PS| Small Parts Kit 4L0-898-283| Harness 4L0-051-592-A| 2 x Pins WHT-001-250-A| 2 x Bolts N -906-986-06| 2 x Bolts N -909-187-01| AMI Unit 4E0-057-785-B| One of the following AMI cables:| iPod 4F0-051-510-E| USB 4F0-051-510-G| Mini-USB 4F0-051-510-H| MP3/Stereo 4F0-051-510-C

Fits Q7 (2007 - 2009)

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